Wall-E Rules!


How do we dispose of trash at school?

At ISS, there are soon to be no bins in the classrooms. Instead, we take our waste with us into the hallways, where there are conveniently positioned recycling stations that we affectionately call WALL-E Units.

Here is how the WALL-E unit works:

Waste Paper

  • ONLY paper used on both sides or that should not be used again (test papers, etc)
  • Card (if you have large card that might rip the bag, please dispose of in the container in the High School stairwell)
  • Damp Paper Towels (after drying your hands, place your damp paper towels in the green bin).
  • Milk Cartons (please rinse in the sink next to the green bin, and quickly dry before placing in the bin)
NOT: Paper used on one side only
NOT: Paper napkins with food on them - these should go in the compost.
NOT: Paper napkins with paint or similar waste - these should go in the general waste.

Paper Used on One Side Only

  • ONLY A4 or A3 paper used on one side only
  • The sheets left in this bin will be reused.  They will be collected by IFG students, stapled into notebooks, and sold for 5 kroner.   Who knows what will be on the other side of your notebook's pages?


  • Plastic wrappers
  • Plastic pots and bottles - these need to be clean and dry

NOT: dirty pots and wrappers - these need to be rinsed and dried before disposal
NOT: bottles with "pant" (a deposit) - these should be left in the bin underneath

Plastic bottles with a deposit

All plastic bottles that have a "pant" (deposit).  These will be collected, and the 1 kroner deposit will be donated to charity.


  • All food waste (apple cores, banana skins, left over food, etc)
  • Paper that has food waste on it (muffin cups, napkins, etc)
  • Pencil shavings
  • Tea bags
  • Chewing gum (which is not allowed in school!)

Glass & Metal

  • Staples
  • Spiral notebook wire bindings
  • Parts of staplers
  • Parts of some pens
  • Tin cans
  • Glass jars (Clean)
  • Any other glass and metal items

General Waste

  • Anything that does not fit into any of the categories above.  The general waste bin should be practically empty.